Who Do You Do? 2018 Remaster

Who Do You Do? 2018 Remaster

July 27, 2018 Albums 0
Who do you do - CD

You can pre-order the 2018 Who Do You Do? remaster from Metallic Blue Records now. The CD will ship August 21, 2018. To order your copy today, please visit Metallic Blue Records. $13.99 + shipping

Tracks include:

  1. Dream In
  2. Don’t Go
  3. Anything
  4. Time And All Eternity
  5. Goin’ All The Way
  6. On Your Own
  7. Oh! C’mon
  8. She Takes Me
  9. Hands On You
  10. It Just Doesn’t Happen To You
  11. It Ain’t Easy
  12. Goin’ Sane
  13. One Way Love (Bonus Track)
  14. My Life (Bonus Track)
  15. Spent My Last Dime (Bonus Track)
  16. Never Again (Bonus Track)

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