Cirkusfest 2018

at Liquid Joe’s with special guests The Hair Metal Show, Aerial, Danger Alley, Outside of Society, Outside Infinity, One Way Only, and Out of Anger

No Class Reunion V

at Sandy Station with special guests Last Wednesday and Dirt Cheap

No Class Reunion IV

at Carol’s Cove II with Werewolf Afro & Sons of Nothing

Speedway Cafe Reunion Show

at Carol’s Cove II with Truce

No Class Reunion 3

at South Shore Bar & Grill with Sunset Strip, Werewolf-Afro, Aerial, Sister Pistol, and Rage for Order

1st Annual No Class Reunion

at Club Vegas with Vatagory, Osiris, Krypled, and Cosmic Hangover

First Reunion Show
2002 Reunion Tickets

at Sandy Station

Who Do You Do? Album Released

The album was released at a packed show at The Speedway Café, where the band had become a top local draw and favorite, on 8-8-88.

Jeff Joins

Guitarist Jeff Alleman (formerly of Braxxton) saw a flyer at The Music Factory in Fashion Place Mall mentioning that Cirkus was looking for a 2nd guitarist. He tore off a number from the sheet and called Chris to set up a time that he could attend band practice. At the…Read More

Brian Leaves & Scott Joins

Brian left the band to join Rag Dolls. At this point, rather than look for another guitarist, the band opted for a keyboardist, Scott Yelonek.

Camron & Brian Join

Camron Cressall and Brian Bonell, auditioned and joined on dual lead guitars, while Troy switched to bass.

Gary & Scott Leave

Gary Galvin and Scott Sundberg left the band in May 1986.

Cirkus Formed

Cirkus was formed on September 2, 1985 by schoolmates, Chris Coffin and Scott Fillmore.